Cynthia Dobbins

Dr. Wang is very compassionate and caring for his patients. He took the time to call me personally the night of the surgery. The staff is very professional and eager to insure complete satisfaction. Really puts a personal touch on a very delicate procedure.

Madison Houston Saratt

What I noticed most about my experience was the commitment to patient care and the passion that characterized Dr. Wang and his staff. The efficiency of the organization is remarkable, but I never felt like a number being hurried through the paces. I felt cared for and valued every step of the way. One example of the passionate care I received was when I was being prepared for the surgery. Scott struck up a conversation and it turned to Christmas music. While the nurse inserted the IV in my arm-which was not the most comfortable procedure-Scott showed me a YouTube video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie performing a duet of a beloved Christmas carol. This pleasant distraction typified the heart, soul, and spirit I felt from the Wang Vision staff during my procedure.


This has been a wonderful experience. Because of all the education and explanation by Dr. Wang and his staff. I had no concerns going into this surgery. Everything went calmly and smoothly as explained. I chose Dr. Wang because of his obvious concern for his patients and beliefs.

Jan Pope

Dr. Ming Wang was fantastic! He took the time to explain surgery and it went great. He walks you through the procedure as he does it too, so there are no surprises! I had my forever young lens surgery and on the same day I could tell a major improvement. I would recommend everyone come to see him. He is the one that does the surgery himself so you won’t see someone different for your surgery.

Barry Jamison

Very professional group with excellent direction and follow up. When it comes to my eyes, Dr. Wang is the best in the business. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Let him correct your vision back to 20/20.