917 society


917 Society event 840x480 768x439In 2018, Dr. Wang spoke with Mr. Joni Bryant, director of the 917 Society, a non-profit that brings the U.S. Constitution to all 8th graders in America, about the major challenge to the mission of this organization: a lack of consistent funding required for Joni and her 917 board of directors to plan for printing and activities needed at the beginning of each school year. Dr. Wang recommended establishing a founders club for the society to help raise annually consistent funding for the organization. So the Founders Club of the 917 Society was formed and Dr. Wang has served as its president.

 In the Founders Club of the 917 Society’s establishing documents, Dr. Wang wrote:

In my view, the foundation of freedom and liberty in America is NOT solely based on:

- an initial group of enlightened American leaders, such as those at Plymouth or on the Mayflower, since if the idea of freedom was held only by a small group of people, it would have been invariably crushed, as exemplified by what happened at the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, 1989.

917- America’s great natural resources, since there are countries (such as the Middle East) that have even more natural resources, but still do not have freedom today.

- America’s past great leaders, since we have also had our share of less-than-perfect presidents. However, none have ever had the audacity to change the constitution in order to stay in power forever, as leaders in many other countries have done historically, and still do today!

The foundation of freedom and liberty in America is the Constitution. The Constitution is an experiment by God, who used this special land called America to show that it is possible for human beings to organize a society that truly has freedom and liberty, PROVIDED that people respect and follow a common set of rules that protects that freedom and that set of rules is….

…. the American Constitution!