aitken bible


Atkins Bible projectIn 2020, Mr. Stephen Skelton approached Dr. Wang about his “The American Bible Project” to see he could help. Dr. Wang again suggested the establishment of a founders club. The organization is in the planning stage, and Dr. Wang will serve as its founding president. The American Bible Project is about putting the Bible back into schools through printing authentic reproductions of the first American Bible, the Aitken Bible. Historians refer to the Aitken Bible as "The Bible of the American Revolution." This Bible has three remarkable features:

1) the only Bible approved by the United States Congress

2) the only Bible recommended to Americans by our Founding Fathers

3) the first English Bible made in America (Journals of Congress, September 12, 1782)

Our Aitken Bibles are donated to the history departments of elementary, middle and high schools. To promote historic preservation through education, the Aitken Bible serves as an object lesson to aid in the teaching of the American Revolution. Inside the classrooms, our lesson plans also connect the Aitken Bible to the teaching of the Revolutionary War. For more information, please visit