I’m very impressed by the care I’m receiving through Wang Vision Institute. The caring, friendly, and knowledgeable staff has been wonderful. What a great experience it has been being cared for by Dr. Wang! Extremely impressed by his personal concern, prayer for me before surgery and even a personal call the same evening to answer any questions and check on my progress!

I am so pleased that I decided to have the forever young lens surgery! No more glasses, fuzzy vision or losing my glasses. Dr. Wang is a God Send! I feel confident I made the right decision. I am looking forward to having my other eye surgery. His staff were all very accommodating. Thank you Dr. Wang!

Dr. Wang is known world-wide. His brilliance is undeniable. His generosity knows no bounds. It is his heart, his sincerity, however that shines through and what I will remember most. Everyone on staff also has an amazing heart and their kindness makes the difference. God is certainly using WVI to help His Light shines into a world full of darkness. Thank you so much. My experience has been truly a blessing!

Eight years ago I had cataract lens put in my right eye. It has been blurry and no way correct. I visited Dr. Wang and he tried several methods to correct and nothing worked. On April 5th, he replaced the lens and I have been clear ever since I first opened my eyes. It is unbelievable! My eyes are still swollen and dilated and is clearer than it has been in over eight years! Glory to God for Dr. Wang!

Yesterday I had the 3D Forever Young Lens surgery on my right eye. The people at WVI and at the eye surgery center were very nice and helpful with everything. They all did a very good job at making me feel comfortable. I will have my left eye done tomorrow. I am excited about being able to see without having to put glasses on.

I had a severe early onset cataract that came on quickly probably due to my dermatologist prescribing a topical steroid. Dr. Wang effectively and efficiently removed the cataract and immediately after surgery, I could see well. Dr. Wang explained what he was doing during the surgery and told me what to expect each step. I look forward to having my cataract removed from my other eye next week! Thank you Dr. Wang!

My experience with Dr. Wang and his entire staff was “TOP OF THE LINE.” Could not have asked for anything better. Dr. Wang is such a sincere genuine individual. I feel so fortunate to have chosen him for my surgery.

My experience at WVI was just so pleasurable for I had researched his credentials and knew I had found the best in the world. I’m delighted and thankful God sent me here to get the best eye care in the world.

Dr. Wang and his staff are the most professional vision specialists I have ever encountered. I immediately felt at ease and knew that my eyesight was in the best hands possible and I had 100% confidence my outcomes would be the best possible! Thank you Dr. Wang!

Had a wonderful experience with the staff at Wang Vision Institute. I can’t wait to experience the final result and get my vision back without my glasses. Thank you so much!