From the first phone call to Dr. Wang’s office, I was very impressed with the professional and friendly but also expedient assistance from the front office staff. On my first visit I was taken in very quickly and all test were done without waiting for a long period of time. All staff were friendly and very professional. My surgery was perfectly executed with such a calm and organized procedure. Dr. Wang is so pleasant and gives one on one attention to each of his patients. Could not have been treated better. Can’t say enough about Dr. Wang and his staff. Absolutely a great experience! Thank you!

I heard only good things to say about my experience with Dr. Ming Wang and my venture into this surgery. Everyone who is associated with Dr. Wang from the office staff to the surgery center have been so nice and professional. My surgery was a big success story and if anyone wants an inspiration story, please read his book. He is a genuinely great guy and very kind to everyone….especially me! Great Surgeon!

So excited I made the decision to have the Forever Young Lens procedure to correct my vision. I’ve worn glasses or contacts since the 4th grade, but over the last year and a half, my vision really deteriorated. I can say there is such a thing as “crying your eyes out.” I shed a lot of tears losing my son, Luke. However, after attending a seminar with Dr. Wang, I learned this was a procedure which could correct my vision completely. After less than 24 hours, I’m already amazed by the change. I’m seeing 20/25 in my corrected eye. Now I can’t wait to have my left eye surgery tomorrow. No pain, no discomfort, and a wonderful, accommodating, and caring staff at both the office and surgery center made for an incredible experience. I would recommend this procedure, if done by Dr. Wang, to anyone! Thank you Dr. Wang and staff! You made me see and smile again!

Arriving to the surgery center, I was pensive to say the least, about my pending laser cataract surgery. The moment I arrived, I felt welcome to be there. The staff was so professional and pleasant, my nerves were easily calmed. The nurses were quick, accurate, and pleasant. I was told at each step exactly what to expect. It is not completely possible to explain how excellent an experience I had. I will soon go for my second surgery with no trepidation, knowing I will be taken care of by the best!

I have had to wear glasses for over 50 years. My first pair was in 1966 in grade school. Not being able to stand contact lenses, I struggled with glasses all my adult life. I was worried about my first visit and I cannot believe how simple and painless it was. Dr. Wang is so gentle and caring. I am so happy someone sent me a notice of his seminar to become familiar with his operation. I am so happy! Thank you Dr. Wang!

I highly recommend Dr. Ming Wang as a surgeon for eye sight. It was a most humbling experience. Dr. Wang has a life experience that could have made some bitter. He has a upbeat personality and I have all the confidence in the world in him. We in TN are so fortunate to have access to him. His foundation is wonderful and gives back to people that can’t afford the procedure.

I had a great experience! Dr. Wang is wonderful! I encourage anyone who has cataracts to come to Wang Vision Institute. I attended a seminar and the vision exam was free. Best detailed exam I have ever had. On a score of 1-10 my experience was 10+. All of the staff at WVI and the surgery center were very helpful and knowledgeable. My experience was GREAT!

Thank you so much for helping my vision. Even with only one eye corrected I can see details I have never been able to before. Dr. Wang and his staff were amazing during the surgery. I’m so excited to finish up the second surgery and see how much better my vision will get. This allows me to advance my career of being a fire fighter/EMT and helping others in our community. My fiancé and I get married September 24th this year and I’m excited about being able to see her walk down the aisle and to be able to fully see on our honeymoon. This starts out our life together even better!

My husband has looked forward to Dr. Wang’s surgery for over a year, just needed to make the decision. It started in May with the initial exam and then attended a seminar in July. The seminar made his decision final. He has had the first eye surgery and is now looking forward to the second eye surgery tomorrow! He said the surgery was great and he felt nothing. His eye had some problem with dilating so the wait time was longer. Dr. Wang’s assistants and nurses were great and kept him comfortable. They also kept checking with me (wife) and informed me of everything. We are very pleased so far and Dr. Wang is very generous and compassionate.

I have never been treated so kind in a doctor’s office before in my life. When it comes to eye surgery you want the best and Dr. Ming Wang is THE BEST! I think God for putting Dr. Ming in my path when I needed surgery. I felt safe and in good hands. The whole group are just wonderful! Thanks so much for your care and kindness!