I recently had the opportunity to attend a laser surgery seminar by Dr. Wang. I know I was ordained by God, because I received an unknown source notice on my cell phone. I received the first 20 Laser Forever Young lens surgery yesterday, and I am thrilled with the results. I also had a cataract removed with the surgery. Dr. Wang is truly a gift from God for people to enjoy improved eye sight. I recommend anyone to visit the Wang Vision Institute to learn about his amazing abilities to improve the quality of eye sight. I also received a special promotion price for attending his seminar.

Dr. Wang is the best surgeon I had ever seen in my whole life. He is very caring, honest and professional. I can trust him 100%, when it comes to my vision. He is working very hard to create a brighter and clearer future of our Nation USA.

Dr. Wang and his staff are great! They give great personal attention to their patient. All procedures are explained in detail, so that you feel very comfortable. Dr. Wang realizes fully the goodness and greatness of God.

Just got my laser eye surgery with Dr. Ming Wang. I have 20/20 vision now. I am so blessed. He made me feel like I am very important.

Very excited to have youthful vision back. Laser technology that Dr. Wang uses, is the best in the WORLD! Helped myself and so many others. Forever grateful.

My experience with WVI was truly a wonderful experience and God blessed. What calmed me the most was when Dr. Wang bent down and said a little prayer just before he started the laser surgery. All staff members were professional, prompt, and personal. I felt safe and amongst staff that were generally warm and kind. They answered all my questions and gave me information I could use for the future. I would tell anyone who needs cataract surgery the only place to go would be Wang Vision. There, you are treated like one of the family. I have no regrets, or fears for having done the surgery and I am excitedly looking forward to having my left cataract removed. Thank you Lord for sending me to Dr. Wang.

Thank you Dr. Ming Wang and his staff. They were professional yet friendly. They were welcoming and even remembered my name! Best doctor’s visit I’ve ever had! Thank you Dr. Wang!

Previously I had cataract surgery in my right eye using a blade. I could feel them “scraping” my eye. When I came to Dr. Wang, he used the laser technique in my left eye. I couldn’t feel the procedure, but the outcome was impressive! I could see much better the next day! I’m excited to tell you that after the surgery and new forever young lens, I am able to read small print with no assistance. I would recommend Dr. Wang and laser surgery to anyone over the traditional method of using a blade to remove cataracts. There is no comparison. Laser wins, hands down! Thank you Dr. Wang for restoring my vision!

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Wang and his team during my recent cataract surgery. Dr. Wang and his team were proficient and professional! It made the experience go smoothly!

From my first visit at WVI, I knew he had to be special. The office was full with so many people waiting to see Dr. Wang. Every staff member was absolutely wonderful and made you feel like you were the one and only patient. Dr. Wang was so gracious and kind from the moment I met him. He puts you right at ease. I knew this was the place for me for my surgery. During my surgery it was the same treatment by Dr. Wang and his staff. The surgery went great and I and my family are so grateful for Dr. Wang being here in Nashville. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of a great eye doctor but as a great person also!