Ok, I wasn't gonna say anything but I have to now. Dr. Ming helped me when I thought all was lost. I have Kerataconus and I got to the point that my cornea was just shot. I first went to Vanderbilt after I had emailed Wang Vision and only because they had not responded and I could not see I went to Vanderbilt and they treated me as if I was crazy or was nothing important. I was told to come to a later appt on that day and while waiting I got a call from Dr. Wang's office. I explained what was going on and he told me to come on to the office. When I got there I as treated like a scared person should be treated. I saw Dr. Wang and he listened to me, let me cry and then put his hand on my shoulder and said WE were gonna get through this. He made me feel good and not hopeless like Vanderbilt for. He took care of one eye to help it be stronger and then he did a cornea transplant on the other. I just cried thinking I may never see my grand kids. Well, my first grandbaby was born in 2015 and I saw her just fine!!!. Because of Dr Wang and now Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino I am seeing out of Kerataconus eyes at 20/30 with lenses. Even without my lenses I can see better than i can remember. So, THANK YOU DR. WANG for caring enough about me to help me see.